Our prices are base on a flat rate depending on the size of your home and the condition.  We take special attention to every space in your home to make sure that you are satisfied with our services.  No hourly rates and we will perform a previous inspection of your property to offer you the best price according to your budget.  

The additional services are not part of the flat rate.  The flat rate provided in this website is subject to the home inspection. 

Flat Rate                                          Starting at

1 bedroom + 1 bathroom 

Less than 600 sqft. 


2 bedrooms + 1 or 2 bathrooms

From 700 sqft. to 1000 sqft.


3 bedrooms + 1 or 2 bathrooms

From 1100 sqft. to 1600 sqft.


Flat Rate                                          Starting at

4 bedrooms + 3 or 1 more bathrooms

From 1700 sqft. to 2100 sqft


5 bedrooms + 3 or more bathrooms 

From 2200 sqft to 3100 sqft


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